Adrianna Gonzalez

Adrianna holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a Certified North American Tang Shou Tao (NATSTA Instructor. She teaches Qigong and Taiji Quan and has a private TCM practice at the Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine and Chi Center.

She began her journey into Chinese Medicine with the internal healing and martial arts through the North America Tang Shou Tao. After 3 years of practice and devotion to the Gongfu medicine and work as an assistant instructor, she knew she wanted to devote her life to the learning and teaching of the internal healing arts.

While working on her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Branches University, Adrianna continued to practice and further her studies in CranioSacral Therapy, Tuina (Chinese Massage), and Thai Massage. CranioSacral is an integral part of Adrianna’s practice that she incorporates into all of her treatments.  Adrianna has also studied Thai massage in Thailand, Chinese medicine in China, and even had the privilege of treating Tibetan monks in India.

Formerly a Montessori teacher, Adrianna continues to feel a strong connection to her work with children and incorporates much of her experience in her practice through CranioSacral Therapy and Pediatric Tuina.

Adrianna’s treatment sessions combine Acupuncture, CranioSacral therapy, and/or Tuina (Chinese massage) for a therapeutic experience.   Adrianna connects the patient to his or her inner wisdom and facilitates the body’s own self-healing process.  Her physical cultivation practice gives her the sensitivity and awareness to be an intuitive and effective practitioner.

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