Biofeedback is a non-invasive computer feedback-based treatment, which involves learning about your body’s response to stress. Physiological changes in your body are tracked and you are provided with live feedback. Various bodily responses are monitored including your heart rate, breath rate, heart rate variability, skin sweat response, muscle tension, and peripheral temperature. Biofeedback often involves learning techniques that can help regulate these bodily responses and achieve relaxation.

It is generally a short-term treatment, lasting approximately 5-12 sessions, each lasting about 55 minutes. A typical biofeedback session involves sitting comfortably in a chair with sensors attached to your fingers, wrists, and waist that are measuring your bodily responses. The software will produce images and sounds as moment-to-moment feedback allowing you to gain more awareness and control over your physiological responses. Dr. Black combines integrative psychotherapy (see ‘Services’ section) with biofeedback to help strengthen the mind-body connection and solidify change.

Dr. Lisa Black offers Neurofeedback at Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine.

For more detailed information about this modality please see Dr. Black’s website