Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) combines the medicinal value of ketamine and psychotherapy. A low to moderate dose of ketamine is taken with the intention of altering consciousness to facilitate psychotherapy. Dr. Rachel Abrams and Dr. Aimee Shunney prescribe the medicine while Dr. Lisa Black helps guide the patient through the psychotherapy process as they experience the effects of the medicine. This process can be helpful in gaining insight into deeply rooted psychological and behavioral patterns.

We offer two types of KAP:

  1. Psycholytic dose – refers to a low dose of ketamine that allows you to be present, aware, and talkative. This dose typically helps open you up to yourself, lowering your defenses so that therapy can be more productive. These session are typically two hours long.
  2. Journey dose – refers to a low to moderate dose of ketamine that allows you to enter into an altered state of consciousness. People often experience ego dissolution in this state and gain insight about patterns in their life from outside of themselves. This insight is then integrated through psychotherapy as the effects of the medicine wear off. These session are typically three hours long.

Number of session and overall cost of treatment will vary depending on symptoms and goals. Your doctors will decide a treatment plan in collaboration with you.

For more detailed information about this modality please see Dr. Black’s website

For more in-depth information about this treatment and the effect ketamine has on the brain please see