Payment & Info

Payment is made at the time of your visit. We accept personal checks, debit cards, credit cards (Visa or Mastercard), or cash. At the end of each visit, we will provide you with a “superbill” charge sheet to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Dr. Marie Royer and Adrianna Gonzalez, Lac are both able to bill some insurance policies directly.  Please call our office to have us evaluate whether your insurance policy qualifies.  If your insurance provides coverage for acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine or massage but requires a physician referral, Dr. Abrams would be happy to do a brief assessment (a 30 minute visit) and refer you to other providers as is appropriate.


Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD

Dr. Abrams is a “non-preferred” provider for all major insurances, with the exceptions being: Kaiser, Medicare, Medical or any HMO or EPO insurance policies.  Dr. Abrams does not bill Medicare, but does offer a substantial discount to patients 65 and over in lieu of dealing with the difficulties of the Medicare billing system.  Dr. Abrams also offers discounted prices for patients with financial difficulty.

Dr. Abrams’ Fees for Services:

New Patient Visit (60 min): $500

New Patients – Low Income (60 min.)  $400

New Patient Visit for Dr. Shunney’s Patients ONLY (30 minutes): $250

Established Patient Visit (60 min): $400

Established Patient Visit (30 min): $220

Established Patients only, Dr. Abrams will arrange for brief 15 minute visits for simple follow-up issues: $115

Patients – Low Income (60 min): $300

Patients – Low Income (30 min): $165

Patients – Low Income (15 min): $90

Optimal Health Consultation with Dr. Abrams & Dr. Shunney – 90 Minutes: $850

Low income rates can be applied for via a brief document available upon request.
Phone and Email Consultations are charged at the same rate as office visits, but may not be covered by insurance. 
All e-mails become a part of medical chart. 


Adrianna Gonzalez, LAc

New Patient Acupuncture/Massage – 90 minutes: $180

Established Patient Acupuncture/Massage – 60 minutes: $120

Child New Patient Acupuncture/Massage – 60 min: $100
Child New Patient Craniosacral and Tuina – 60 min: $100

Established Child Acupuncture – 30 min: $50
Established Child Craniosacral and Tuina – 30 min: $50


Dr. Marie Royer, DC

New Patient Chiro Exam and Treatment (45 min.) $150 

Extended Appointment – 45 minutes: $140

Established Visit – 30 minutes: $105

Maintenance Visit – 15 minutes: $60


Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, ND
Insurance companies in California do not generally reimburse for naturopathic services at this time. We do encourage you to still submit a “superbill” (given to you at the end of your visit) as we expect this to change over time.

IF YOU ARE A PATIENT OF DR. ABRAMS, your visits with Dr Shunney can be submitted to insurance as a visit with Dr. Abrams. This will allow those patients with medical insurance (other than Medicare, Medi-cal or HMO’s) to get the same reimbursement rates for Dr. Shunney as they would with any non-preferred provider.

IF YOU ARE NOT A PATIENT OF DR. ABRAMS, your visits with Dr. Shunney are less likely to be covered by insurance. To take advantage of non-preferred provider reimbursement rates, Dr. Abrams is offering a special new patient visit rate of $250 to Dr. Shunney’s patients.

Dr. Shunney’s Fees for Services as of January 1, 2020:

New Patient Visit – 60 Minutes: $350                                                                                    

New Patient Visit for Dr Abrams Patients ONLY- 30 Minutes: $250

Established Patient Visit – 15 minutes (with Dr. approval only) $75

Established Patient Visit – 30 Minutes: $150
Established Patient Visit – 45 Minutes: $225
Established Patient Visit – 60 Minutes: $300
Established Patient Well-Woman Annual GYN (exam only) – 30 Minutes: $150
Optimal Health Consultation with Dr Shunney & Dr Abrams – 90 Minutes: $850