Psychotherapy is a powerful, time-honored healing method based upon the science of psychology. Psychological interventions not only reduce the emotional and relational symptoms of, for example, depression, anxiety and trauma, but can also have a direct impact on the physiological functions of the body.

Treatment modalities used are verbal dialog and non-verbal interactions such as play (in the treatment of children and adolescents), conscious explorations of emotions and muscular holding patterns, Somatic Experiencing and EMDR (see for description of these specific modalities) as well as explorations into lifestyle changes aimed at lowering symptoms of anxiety and trauma.

In the safe environment created through a non-judgmental and supporting relationship between therapist and client, the client can develop a relationship to the different and often hidden aspects of themselves.  Clients can experiment with new ways of approaching day to day life – more healthy and nourishing ways of relating to themselves, others and the environment, enabling them to live a more vibrant and satisfying life,

Psychotherapeutic services are offered both short and long term, from a few appointments focusing on a specific, isolated issue to more long term, open-ended treatments.

Services are provided for individuals 12 years and up, for couples and for families by Lena Axelsson, PsyD.